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How to House Train Your Dog in TWO WEEKS!

The inbox is full of mail asking the same question:

Rusty, why haven’t you taught us how to house train our dog yet?

House training can be very frustrating.  The best way to deal with your dog relieving himself in the house is from the first day you come home with your dog you must restrict them from having the opportunity to wander freely in the house.  This will not  give them an opportunity to make a mistake in the first place.

Dogs are animals and they need to be trained.

Cage training is the fastest, easiest method for potty training dogs.  You need to have a crate or a training kennel, and you must restrict the dog in the crate any time you can’t actively watch him.

dog training crate

The MidWest iCrate is ideal for crate training your pet.

When you want to spend time with the dog, take him outside on the lead to the area of the yard you want him to use, and wait until they go to the bathroom.  If they relieve themselves, take them inside and play with them, show them some affection.

When you’re done with that put them back in their cage.  You don’t want them wandering off after you’ve had a little play session with them and soiling.

PRO TIP: Any time a dog is wakes up from a sleep,  has something to eat or drink, or has a play they’re going to typically need to relieve themselves!

That’s why a lot of times I like to encourage people to play with their dog outside if at all possible.  Often in the middle of playing they can just simply squat and before you realize what’s going on, they’re peeing on the floor!

When it comes to sleeping, always have them sleep in their training kennel initially.  If you’ve got a dog that is older and has an established issue already with soiling in your house, it’s likely the dog is marking territory within your house.

THIS IS A DOMINANCE THING.  Similar to how dogs will resist the Down command due to a dominance issue, dogs will sometimes hold it until you’re not watching and they’ll intentionally pee in the house to establish dominance.

Don’t let crating your dog distress you.  Don’t feel some false sense of equality with your dog, as if “this is their house too” or something.  Don’t let guilt ruin your relationship with your dog.  You have to show dominance and leadership.  Put them in the crate any time you aren’t able to watch them.  Period.

They’re not going to necessarily like being caged but you have to go through this process to break the routine.  Typically ten to fourteen days is what it’s going to take to break the pattern within their mind.

If you take the dog out and it doesn’t relieve himself, immediately take him in and put him back in the crate.   Leave him for another hour or so.

Dogs WILL hold it and not go to the bathroom outside.  They’ll wait until you turn your back and attempt to establish dominance by peeing inside!!

If you do this consistently, you WILL house train your dog in ten to fourteen days!



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